Design EXPO

Course Description

Design Expo is an exercise in imagining a product or service from the “near future” (3-5 years) of technology. Students will be given a theoretical question (last year’s was “How can users make sense of a world with a billion accessible sensors?”) and will work in groups to imagine possible products, services, or solutions that would answer that question. The groups will research the problem, imagine possible solutions, solicit feedback, and return to the drawing board with what they’ve learned. The class will culminate in a presentation of the imagined product or service, as a demo or prototype, to a group of knowledgeable designers. The class is sponsored by Microsoft, who will announce this year’s question later this fall. One group will be selected by the review panel to travel to Microsoft’s Redmond campus in the United States, in July of next year, to present their work at Microsoft’s annual Faculty Summit.

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