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Augmented reality [AR] is poised to revolutionize the way we understand the world by overlaying physical reality with real time, interactive virtual content. AR will completely change the way users understand the world and their digital experience. AR will overlay the real world with games, adds, knowledge and much more. Some developers will make the world a better, safer, and smarter place with AR. Sadly, AR technology is also ripe for abuse. Other people will undoubtedly exploit the tech to fill our world with spam and worse. This class hopes to create students who will create next generation user experience, a fully 3d virtual overlay of the real world.
This course looks at what’s possible today with mobile AR. The class will work with the latest development tools in the ever changing world of AR. Students  will work w GPS based AR, marker tracking, markerless tracking, depth map tracking, and point cloud tracking. The class will look at AR’s present and future impact on society.
This is a project based class, supported by lab sessions, lectures, and critiques. A large portion of class time will be spent developing the student’s final projects. Each class will be start with a mini critique followed by a lecture and will finish with a tutorial and or “student project time”. Students must come prepared to work and remain focused throughout the entire class. Students who finish this class will be able to think critically about what makes AR unique as a technology. Students will gain a strong understanding of the AR industry’s past, present, and especially its future areas of opportunity. This knowledge will let students create new AR works that push the field forward. AR has just come into the public’s consciousness and it will be today’s developers who shape the way the public understands it, for better or worse

President Washington and the Hedgehog

Update 7, Dec 9th

The game is almost completed and I feel it is a good time to do user testing! I tested the game on my roommate, with myself simulating the sound since I haven’t added audio yet.

Here is the feedback I got from her:

1. When she was hesitating in the pyramid, she was thinking: every time I go through something, I go to the other side, so is there another way to go in the pyramid?

2. The tube inside the pyramid was not clear enough to tell

3. She didn’t notice the eye ball effect

4. She noticed the key showing up after coming back to front side

5. She missed the Washington talking!!!!!!

Update 6, Dec 2nd

Update 5, Nov 18th

This one has a bug…

I have a new demo but I didn’t get time to document it


Update 4, Nov 11th

Update 3, Nov 4th

Update 2, Oct 28th


switch the character to be the child of second platform?

objects based on the second image target appear without detecting the second image

Complete the test on a Android phone:

Reference for the hedgehog model:

Update 1, Oct 21st

Imagine you are looking straight down from the camera. Please ignore the background. The gravity in the game is from the camera straight down, different from real world.
set world center to be the camera
Next week to-do:
Better UI
give users the right to set the world center(gravity)
multi image target

Assignment 4

Vuforia with Unity

So I am thinking of adding a dimension to the map, which gives the users a sense of how tall those points of interests are.

Assignment 3

Geo Layers

Here is the story: I have been in New York for a while and I miss IMA in Shanghai a lot so I decided to send them a gift. However, due to the expensive international delivery fee, I finally sent the gift through Geo Layers!
wow! A gift box!
When I clicked on it, it comes to me and goes through me to the other side
so I turn around and find that I am in the box with a cute teddy bear!
I click on the teddy bear, it turns around and says: my gift for IMA, from ARStudio, IDM
Here is a video about my friend receiving the gift in IMA, Shanghai

Assignment 2


This assignment was created based on a mobile game called KleptoCats. I have been playing this game for three days intensively and it is very interesting. (People said that it is actually a dark game)
I didn’t print out a page but used a actual photo instead. I found that Layar requires the whole image to be complex so that it can detect enough points of interest to store the image information. I took several photos, even with SLR camera of a single bottle with a pure white background but Layar always told me the image is low quality. It took me a while to figure out what the problem was.
Here is a video of me seeing my water bottle through my phone. The top cat will lead you to KleptoCats website. The pink one will lead you to my website (still working on it). From the bottom button, you can get this App easily!
Enjoy the game!

Assignment 1

Recreate a memory

I recreated a trip to Heaven Mountain in Xinjiang province in China. We were driving over the main peak, which is over 5000 meter high when one of the tires suddenly went flat. We stopped by a yurt by the road. The host helped us repair the tire and treated us with BBQ lamb.

I followed the tutorial but most of my OBJ file cannot be opened properly in Maya. For example, the yurt has detailed window framework but it is just a grey square for now.
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