3D Modeling

3D Modeling

In this studio, students will learn to produce and render high-quality 3D models. Upon completion of this course, students will have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of modeling, texturing, animation and lighting using industry standard software. Students may create content for video games, web, film, or other interfaces.

President Washington and the Hedgehog Final Render

President Washington and the Hedgehog 3D Model Render from Ada Zhao on Vimeo.

80 frames with Maya Software Render

Will adjust the light and try Renderman/Arnold


Dec 12th

Final Update 07



Dec 5th

Final Update 06

Nov 30th

Final Update 05

I got a warning when trying to export the key model in .fxb file but the model looks fine in Unity

Play with the dollar bill
Nov 28th
Final Update 04

Nov 22nd

Final update 03


Unity doesn’t show the material…
Nov 16th
Final update 02
Nov 14th
3 Turntable Animation
BGM, proper speed, wire frame, procedure to get it done.
Turn down your volume before watching this one

Assassin’s Creed – Turntable from Beat Reichenbach on Vimeo.

A bit too slow but really nice

Final Project Update 01

What I actually want to do:


However, for the AR project

A list of models to be done:

Key: rotate

Hedgehog: (Squeeze to a ball?)


Eye: blink

Locked door

(The face of George Washington?)


I followed this tutorial but it made me question whether we are using the same software, maya…

Nov 9th
Mudbox First Try
Nov 7th
The problem:
Oct 30th
Oct 26th
Oct 24th
Oct 19th
Oct 17th

Homework 7

Blueprint Setup

Homework 6


Homework 5


Reference for next project

The Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China

Homework 4

Teddy Bear


Updated Version:

I followed Mark in the class but found that the two legged of my bear are not right next to each other later on. It was too late to modify so my bear stays like this:

Homework 3

Rim using NURBS

Homework 2


A short animation

Homework 1

Build a Pair of Binoculars

Here are the photos of opera binoculars that I found on Google:
Left-front view
Front view
Here are the render images of my 3D model:
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