Wind Everywhere_proposal

Wind that bears off the dead leaves with a quick raid
and deflects the pulsing arrows of the birds.

Wind that topples her in a wave without spray
and substance without weight, and leaning fires.

— Pablo Neruda

I always think that wind is the most beautiful thing that the nature creates. It changes constantly, creating movements and interactions for other objects.

Wind Everywhere will lead you to any city you want, giving you a visual feeling of the wind in that city. I would like to put several objects onto the canvas, pull real-time data from openweather API, and make the objects react according to the wind. Subject to change but the objects include a ballon, a tree, a falling leave, a ball and a flag.

There is only a ball on the canvas because I was working on the API. Link to sketch. For the first week, I successfully pulled data from openWeather, gave users ability to change city, and  outlined Bobs and Springs classes. Link to code



link to some examples Dan showed last class

should i try 3d? if not, what would be a good way to implement wind degree


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